Sunday, 26 August 2012

The start

Who does not know them?! The Dukes of Hazzard!

I my youth i used to be a big fan of this series.
The idea for this model of the General Lee was actually by seeing this movie YeeeeHaaaaa on You-tube. This guy made a great video!

After seeing that saw the first series on dvd again. And i have to say that this is the only series from my childhood that I still like to watch.
The concept is so simple and yet you have to laugh. That Rosco and Boss Hogg with their antics and there sayings. And ofcourse the General Lee. Great car that jumps over everything. Brilliantly!

So i started looking for parts.
The guy from the You-tube video had a 1/10 model of the General at Wall Mart purchased. That was an RC model, but a toy model. So not fast enough!
But the carbodie was good.
I searched many sites but, as far as i could see, it was no longer available.
So i searched for a lexan body of a Dodge Charger.
Well, they are still for sale. Dodge charger

To be continued!

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